Loyal readers


Dear loyal blog readers,
Today, I wanted to take a minute to tell you all how grateful I am to you for reading my blog. With the holidays fast approaching, I’m getting overwhelmed with all of the things on my to do list. Unfortunately, my blog has kind of gotten shuffled to the bottom of the list. It was not my intention, but alas, it has happened. The purpose of this post is to let you all know that in the upcoming days, my blog posts may be sporadic at best. I was thinking about taking a brief hiatus until the new year, but decided to give myself the option to post when the feeling moves me. I’m going to take this time to enjoy the holidays with those I love most. I suggest you all take some time to do the same for yourselves. I WILL be back in January with all new posts. Who knows, I may use this time to update the look and feel of my blog. This would also be an excellent time for you all to leave me some constructive feedback on things you would like to see featured. I’m thinking about dedicating certain days to certain posts. Like an artist feature
Monday and a color love post on Tuesday. How would you guys feel about this? Anything you’d love to see? I am completely open to ideas and suggestions. I have absolutely fallen in love with blogging, and though I haven’t hit the big times, I plan on continuing this venture for a while to come. But I want the blog to be accessible as enjoyable for all of you! So please! Give me some feedback! Tell me what you want to see! Help me make it better for you!
With that being said, I wish you all a very happy holiday season, and I look forward to coming back better than ever in the new year! Thank you for reading, and please continue to do so!
With much gratitude,


street art


Today I’m going to share with all of you some awesome street art that was created by the German artist duo Zebrating. Their art is defined as anamorphic. Anamorphic art is basically art that is viewed one way and then upon moving or viewing from a different angle, the art looks completely different. Some examples of this have been going around the web lately. There are images of huge studios with what appear to be randomly colored lines, and then when you stand at just the right angle, a word forms. The art duo Zebrating creates their mural on fences or railings so that at just the right angle it forms a complete picture! It’s pretty awesome! Check out some examples:

I think these are so cool! I wonder if they paint on each individual post. Do you think it would work if they were to print out a large mural and cut strips of the mural and put them on each post? Do you think the dimensioning would be all messed up? Or do you think they have to paint on each individual post? It’s such a neat idea! So creative and inventive! What do you think?

kaleido trays


Have you guys seen these awesome Kaleido trays yet? They are available at HAY, (and other websites) and they are the coolest home decor items I’ve seen in quite some time. Basically, they are painted steel trays that you can put all throughout your house to hold in number of do-dads and trinkets. The awesome thing about them, is that they all fit together. They come in 5 different sizes and a variety of shapes colors. All of the colors look awesome together, and all of the shapes fit together in fascinating patterns. Check out some examples of these trays laid out and looking mighty sweet.





I could share a million different pictures with you, because I’m sure the combinations are just about endless. Google “kaleido trays” if you want to see some more examples of configurations. I’m pretty sure I need just about all of these in my home, don’t you think? How awesome are they? If any of you have these, or are thinking about buying them, I would love to know how you like them, or what you think about them! Thanks guys!

color bombing


So I’ve seen examples of color bombing many times before, but for some reason it’s never occurred to me to put them all together in a post. Some people are referring to them as colored smoke photographs, or explosions of color, but I prefer the term color bombing. I think what it usually is, is paint pigment is thrown up into the air and then pictures are taken to capture the way it falls back to the earth. It’s pretty similar to the color run, if you’ve ever seen anyone participate in that. I think there are also some photographers that do use actual colored smoke, but to me, it’s still a bomb of color. Hence my term, color bombing.

First up we have Spanish photographer Lola Guerra who has decided to color bomb Mexican deserts. Her images are incredible. The contrast of the natural desert environment with the plumes of color is an eye catching juxtaposition, and a statement from the artist that cannot be ignored. It’s almost like with each image she captures, she is saying something about human’s impact on nature. How mankind has scarred the natural landscape of America. Or maybe she just went out into the desert so her color bombs wouldn’t get all over everything else. Anyway, check out some of her photos.

Next, we have Marcel Christ who has literally captured explosions of color. Against a solid backdrop, this still life photographer has created special cocktails of color bombs to create unique photographs. The neat thing about his work is that there are two visibly different styles. One explosion is sharp and bright like a firework, and one is soft and fluffy like a falling cloud. Also, the “firework” style is more monochromatic, where the “fluffy” style showcases more of a gradient of color.

Lastly, we have Rob and Nick Carter who have chosen a beautiful bright blue sky as their backdrop. The interesting thing about this series, is just the shapes of the color bombs themselves. It’s need to see the different stages throughout the explosion the photo was taken, and the different ways they fall back to earth. Gravity is a beautiful thing, my friend. Check ’em out.

Well there you have it folks, three different photographers, showing three different methods of color bombing, while simultaneously making the world a more colorful place. What do you think about this new trend in photography? Do you love it or hate it? Is it something you want to try? Imagine how dialed in you have to have you camera to be able to capture these jussssttt right. What a challenge that would be!

eggnog & cinnamon


Since Thanksgiving is under our belt, it is officially the holiday season! I think for each person, there is something in particular that gets them in the holiday spirit. Some people like the cold weather, or the Christmas carols, or seeing lights around town. For me, it is the smell of Christmas trees. There is nothing quite like getting that first whiff and knowing that before long, it will be Christmas time!! Maybe the thing that does if for you is the smell of eggnog or cinnamon. Today’s post is a collection of items that remind me of eggnog and cinnamon. Just a little something to help get you into the holiday spirit.










Don’t you just feel all warm and full of holiday spirit? No? Just me? Well.. we’ll keep working on it. In the meantime, make the most of this season, it only comes once a year!



nelson mandela monument


So we all know who Nelson Mandela is, and the many things that he did for South Africa, but what you might not know is that there is a monument dedicated to him in South Africa that is pretty badass. To mark the 50th anniversary of Mandela being captured by police, the artist, Marco Cianfanelli created 50 laser cut columns that create an image of Mandela’s profile. Up close, the columns appear to be nothing more than intricate shapes and designs, but far away, these columns focus to form an image of Mandela in profile. Cianfanelli is quoted as saying, “the 50 columns represent the 50 years since his capture, but they also suggest the idea of many making the whole; of solidarity.”


How cool is this monument?! I think it is amazing. I love what the artist says it represents, and I think it’s very fitting for Mandela. Maybe I’ll stop by Howick if ever I make it to South Africa! Hope you enjoyed!

amy hamilton


I’ve got a great artist to share with all of you today! It’s an artist I found over on Society6, and I think you’re really going to love her! Her name is Amy Hamilton, and she has a great aesthetic. She mostly paints animals, but they have a dreamlike quality to them that makes them very endearing. Check out her work!

How much do you love these little animals?! I love the messy and colorful splotches that all of them have. Most of all, I love the upside down drips of the antlers. I also really enjoy the dark color scheme of all of the pieces. They aren’t overly colorful and bright, but they are still cheerful and incredibly enjoyable. What do you guys think?