Ever since I was a wee little girl, I have loved to sew. I used to do it with my grandma and with my mom. They both passed on all of their knowledge of pinning, pattern usage, sewing straight lines, rounding corners, cutting fabric, etc. We used to make everything from pillows (those were a favorite of mine) to stuffed toys to pajama pants. I never could get the hang of making clothes, because I wasn’t a big fan of pattern following. I still hate to use a pattern which is why I’ve used my love of sewing to start quilt making. I can just come up with some random design and turn one small block of fabric into an entire quilt top without ever once cutting out a pattern. I don’t even have to use pins if I don’t want to. But this is only because I like to keep things simple with straight line blocks. Picking out a fabric was never a big part of the process to me because I always just used whatever was on hand. But since starting to do things on my own, I have discovered that there are worlds of fabrics out there that will blow your mind. A favorite of mine is Amy Butler.

I mean, are you serious? These are available to ANYONE! You just have to go to the store and pick the one you like best. And then they are yours to cut and pin and sew and create whatever you please with them!
I also love Amy Butler solids. Check out this quilt.

This is my sole inspiration for starting to quilt.
And the best part is that she’s not the only person making gorgeous fabric out there!

Michael Miller is another source of inspiration for me.

For some reason, I’ve always been drawn to “baby” fabrics. I guess the bright colors, simplistic designs, and cute animals lure me in. However, I think if done tastefully and correctly, no one needs to know that the fabric you’re using is from the baby collection.
There are worlds of fabric out there I wish I had discovered earlier in my life, but I’m beyond glad I’ve found them now. If you’re not sure what to look for or who to look for, go to etsy and search for fabrics under supplies instead of handmade and browse until you find some you like.


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