I. Love. Letterpress. Ever since I found the website Bella Figura when I was looking for wedding invitations, I’ve been in love. They have a whole suite of customizable wedding invitations, and are extremely easy to work with. I had them use a different “S” on my wedding invitations because I wasn’t a fan of the initial design. The best part of the entire process was that everything was done via e-mail. I am not a phone person, and when planning a wedding there are about a billion phone calls to make, so being able to get such gorgeous wedding invitations without having to pick up the phone was a real treat.

I mean, seriously. Is that not gorgeous? Their wedding styles are plentiful. From traditional, to modern, to design heavy, to simplistic.

I think Bella Figura may or may not be linked to Smock. Whether they are or not, that’s another website you have to check out. They offer way more than just wedding invitations. Every type of card, stationery sets, notepads, announcements, everything!

love his little lion face

So gorgeous. Stationery aside, letterpress is also very gorgeous when used in wall art.

narwhals are all the rage.

look at that detail

I know my posts are really etsy heavy, but to be honest, that’s where a lot of my inspiration comes from. I could flip through page after page looking with amazement at the creativity and talent that so many people possess. Sigh. If only.


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