10 things..


10 things you only need one of, but want more of:
Lunchboxes –The ultimate workplace accessory, who doesn’t want to show off their ever changing style with an ever changing lunchbox? Why can’t I just pick one and settle on it. I think have four. The cute ones are never practical and the practical ones are never cute. I think I’ve reached a common ground with one from builtny.
black shirts – every shirt that comes in multiple colors comes in black. When shopping, it’s hard to resist the gravitational pull of the black shirt. It is a constant struggle to remind myself to versify my wardrobe with colors other than black. It’s just so safe and classic. But I have to walk on the wild side every now and again… with dark purple.
sunglasses – who doesn’t want 15 pairs of sunglasses?! And I know what you’re thinking. “I need multiple pairs because I wear them with different things. I wear my tortoise shell with anything not black, and my black ones with black.” And I ask you, “seriously?” I don’t say it in a critical way. I used to be that person. and then I asked myself, why bother? Do I think that people are really checking me out to see if my sunglasses match my outfit? So instead of having 10 pairs of all different styles of sunglasses I went with one fairly expensive pair that I wear all the time with everything. I only have one set of eyes that need protecting, so logically, one set of sunglasses.
book bags – I love bookbags. There are so many different styles and options and brands and it just blows my mind. Back to school shopping was always a battle with my parents because I wanted a new bookbag every year, whether I needed one or not.
china patterns – china patterns are like rainbows. They go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Every color under the sun is represented. How do you pick just one?
episdoes of the Bill Cosby show on your DVR – I could sit and watch Bill Cosby all day long. Those faces he makes, and the way him and Claire are always picking at each other. It sucks me in. However, there is a common theme in all of the episodes. One of the kids gets in trouble, and Cliff saves the day. While I would sit and watch a marathon, I am only willing to give up enough space for one episode on my DVR. Maybe the one where Claire bakes a chocolate cake and tells Cliff not to mess with it. So he cuts a giant hole out of the middle of the cake, stuffs it with paper towels and ices back over the top.
watches – I would like at least 8. But I don’t have that much room on my arm. Do you go for a stylish watch? say one of those oversized Michael Kors gorgeous time pieces that has a chance of going out of style soon? Or do you go with a classic Citizen that will forever be stylish and forever tell the correct time? Oh, the decisions.
raincoats – Not an item you use everyday, the raincoat is crucial to your wardrobe. Do you go stylish? Or do you go practical? Nylon material? Or that thick rubber stuff from your childhood years?
little black dresses – they say every woman needs one at all times. But I ask you, is that really enough? I can think of at least 5 different occasions to wear a black dress to, and all of them would require a different style. So to say that the little black dress is an essential item is a bit of a deception, in my opinion.
first dance wedding songs – How do you pick just one? There are so many different songs that people use nowadays, and so many different decisions to make. Fast or slow? Old or new? Genre? A song about how we got here or a song about where we are going? Prepare to have a lot of time set aside to comb your mp3 collection for the perfect song, because you can only do it once!


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