Check out: Ruche


A recent discovery of mine, I want just about everything this place has to offer. Ruche is self-described as “a vintage inspired boutique with a modern touch.” I think it is just that. It strikes some kind of happy chord inside of me that just makes me want to smile.

Some of my favorites:

Not to mention, they have a plus size collection. Hello, awesome.

The best part is that everything is really reasonably priced! Aside from the clothes, the entire lookbook gives me a warm, happy, contented feeling. It makes me want to jump through the pages and live the carefree way these gals are living. I don’t even care about their clothes. I don’t even notice the clothes on the models when I’m too busy ogling the overall pictures themselves.  Some of them remind me of Charleston! Basically, I just love it. I’ve included some of my favorite pages below, but you have to go check it out and enjoy for yourself.

LOVE her hair.

love her hair, too

I know that’s a lot of images, but I had  to share. And I couldn’t pick just a few. Another cool thing about this website is that they update it almost weekly. There are new things to choose from almost every week! Enjoy!


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