Ribbons and Bows


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice package wrapped up in ribbons and bows? However, they have other uses as well. From clothing, to jewelry to home decorating, ribbons and bows seem to be constantly popping up all around me.

I love the idea of taking an item with such inherent fluidity and transforming it with the rigidity of metal. While bows are easy to tie (and retie and retie again), it’s always difficult to achieve the perfect bow. And while ribbon is easy to curl (not so much re-curl) it tends to lose its shape. These jewelry items take away all difficulty of attaining the final look, because they are forged in metal therefore never losing the shape that makes them so appealing.

I would proudly display either of these items in my house, without feeling like it was decorated by a 7 year old little girl with a penchant for princesses and all things girly.

Too cute!
So put all stereotypical thoughts of ribbons and bows out of mind, and start loving them again!


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