don’t judge a book by its cover


As previously mentioned, I have an extreme love for books. I’m also kind of a snob about the books I buy. Everyone knows the old saying, “don’t judge by a book by its cover,” but I’ve never been able to adhere to that. One of my favorite ways to pick out a book is by its cover. I’ll go to the book section at target, and if I see a cover I like, I pick it up and read the back. However, if it has an ugly cover, I’m not going to pick it up. I also refuse to buy the mass market paperbacks. Those tiny little fat rectangular things. I will pay twice as much for a book because of its cover. If a book has been made in to a movie, I will search high and low for the book with the cover not related to the movie. I know it’s silly, but to me, each book is special. Each book I read impacts my life in some way or another, and I feel that the way the book looks should at least partially reflect the impact it will (hopefully) have.

Therefore, you can imagine my extreme excitement when I discovered the book artist Coralie Bickford-Smith. She is the senior cover designer at Penguin Books. And she is awesome at it. Check out some of her classic collections. 

She even has an F. Scott Fitzgerald collection. (I’m looking at you, Jessica) I’m afraid that these books would definitely make my sister’s list of Things I Want But Don’t Need. Check out these beauties.

Oh, the beauty! I mean, seriously. If all books looked like this, I would have 57930 times more books than I already have. That is definitely one thing I miss since I purchased a NookColor. Though I still pick out some of the books I buy based on their covers, it’s not quite the same. I don’t spend hours browsing the shelves in Barnes&Noble running my hands along the spines of books selecting one in one hundred to pick up. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing stopping me from doing it, but for some reason it seems futile. Damn technology. Actually, writing this post has reminded me just how much I love the book store, and just how long it’s been since I’ve visited one!


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  1. Oh. My. Jeebus.
    I knew I loved her cloth-bound books, and I’ve been thinking about collecting them. But those Fitzgeralds…. They’re on my “Things I Should Have in My Possession ASAP” list!! So perfect.

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