pencil drawings


There is nothing more beautiful than a piece of art drawn entirely with pencil. Okay, well I’m sure there are lots of things more beautiful, but a) I was tired of starting all of my blogs with “I” and b) if I say “there is nothing more beautiful,” then it makes this post seem much more exciting. I find it amazing that so much can be created from a little stick of graphite. I know there are many different types of pencils that draw different shades and different darknesses. I know a 4H pencil draws really light lines and a 6B pencil draws really dark lines, but let’s be honest: it’s still a pencil. I know there are woodless pencils made of just graphite and I know that certain tools are used while drawing that help with shading and the dispersion of color, but still, just a pencil. The most basic writing implement. The first things you learn to write with in the first grade. That little thing can create such magnificence. The way an artist can take a blank piece of paper, a little stick of graphite and turn it into a masterpiece that almost comes alive from the page amazes me. Check out some of these pencil drawings.



PENCILS! It was all drawn with pencil! I could post about 376 more photos, but I think that is a sufficient display of what can be created with a pencil. It blows my mind. I am seriously in awe of the talent that these different artists possess. Amazing.








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