color love: yellow and gray


I might be a little late on this new color combination, but it’s still one of my favorites. I think the reason I love it so much is because gray is generally such a gray and dull color where yellow is considered such a bright and happy color. Personally, they are not two colors that I would have put together myself until I saw it done, and I immediately fell in love. The two together create a dichotomy that is nothing but pleasing. The first time I saw this combination was actually at target, on one of the Dwell Studio comforters. Check it out:

How cute is that? I love it. Here are some more gorgeous yellow and gray things.

How gorgeous would these colors be for a wedding? Gray was actually one of my wedding colors! I guess it’s an excellent color to juxtapose with other more bright and cheerful colors. And that is the beauty of the yellow and gray combination!


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