color love: turquoise and orange


Color love of the day: orange and turquoise. The first time I came across these colors together was when a friend of mine was wearing an orange t-shirt and turquoise earrings. I was so impressed with how the two colors looked together, that I immediately started looking for these color combinations! I think if you aren’t careful, these colors can come off very southwestern, but they can be so much more than that!

I”m quite a fan of these colors. I think this would be an awesome color scheme for a bathroom. So bright and clean feeling. Wouldn’t you love to step out of the shower in the morning to be greeted by these effulgent and beautiful hues! Sometimes I wish I had a house with 47 bathrooms, six dining rooms, eight kitchens, and 53 bedrooms so that I could just decorate them all differently. I have so many ideas, but no where to make them come to life!


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