Okay so. The other day I did a post about pencil drawings. So today’s subject is crayons. Not drawings drawn with crayons, but other awesome crayon art. I’ve always had an intense love for crayons. They have such a great smell, and there is such an assortment of colors. I’m pretty sure the episode where they make crayons was my favorite Reading Rainbow episode of all time. If you have a similar love of crayons, you’re going to love this post.

Created by Jessica Kerbawy, and sold in her etsy shop JKCreate, Jessica glues an assortment of crayons to a piece of foam core, and melts them in a strategic manner to create an awesome dripping melted wax pattern. I love how she leaves the paper on the crayons at the top of the page so you know exactly what this beautiful work of art came from. I think this could be a DIY project, but it could also be a giant mess of a project!

These crayons were carved by artist Pete Goldlust. I think these are so neat! Just crayons, but so much more.

Artist Christian Faur uses crayons in a completely different manner from the two previous artists — to create a pixelated image. It’s fascinating how many different shades of crayons must be available and gathered to be able to create a work of art like these.

Intricate crayon sculptures made by Herb Williams create a 3D visual masterpiece unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. According to his website, Herb actually has an account with Crayola, and is one of the few individuals in the world to have one. His sculptures can use hundreds and thousands of crayons. In the artist’s words, “Crayons are a gateway drug.  To most adults, the sight and smell of crayons produce specific memories of childhood. The twist in the road to nostalgia is the creation of a new object, from a medium in which it was not intended.  This element of unexpected interaction and play had me at hello.” And me as well!

Diem Chau, originally from Vietnam, moved to America in 1986. Her typical medium of choice is porcelain, but she occasionally dabbles in other mediums such as crayons.

Who knew crayons were so versatile? Not just for coloring in your coloring book anymore! Get crazy!


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