today I love: felt balls


There is something about a collection of brightly colored felted balls that just makes me smile. I’ve always loved pom poms, and these felted balls feel like a more sophisticated version. Just seeing these makes me want to grab handfuls and throw them in the air so it’s like multi-colored non-painful hail! I love them!

The possibilities of what you could do with these are endless. String them together for a garland, put them on a wreath form to make a wreath, glue them to a headband, you could even just put a few in different sized mason jars as a cheap and easy way to bring color to your room. How cute would they be on a little tiny tree used as Christmas ornaments? I’ve even seen purses and rugs made from nothing but!

Love that wreath. Instead of doing a rainbow wreath you could make it with a color scheme to match the room of your choice!

I think I might examine the picture of the felted ball flowers a little closer and try to make some for myself. Seeing as how I can’t seem to keep any plant alive, those might look cute in my cubicle at work. I’d never even have to worry about watering them! I just think these felted balls are awesome. Because of their simplistic charm and extreme versatility they have quickly become a new favorite of mine.


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