string and pin


Always on the search for new and fun crafts to try out, I ran across this idea on the blog Crafterholic. The idea is to create a piece of wall art using strings and pins! I’ve seen a couple of these pieces before on pieces of wood, but I’ve never thought to actually put it on the wall. There is a tutorial for creating a tree on the blog Re-Nest.

It seems simple enough to make. Throw some push pins on the wall in the shape of a tree and wrap some string around them. You can check out the full tutorial here. And here are a couple more string and pin trees.

I love how this one goes on to the ceiling.

This tree is fantastically elaborate! I really like the idea of putting a string and pin tree in my office / craft room. The idea of perching pictures of birds on the branches is so neat! I think it would be an awesome and inexpensive way to spice things up a bit.

But you can do so much more with string and pins!


it says nimbus

bulletin board

Imagine how complex that owl must have been. Layers upon layers of string all placed in a certain order and pattern. That’s the appeal of the tree. The tree can be random and creative and whatever you want to make it. I don’t think I’d have the patience to create anything more complex. But it sure is neat to look at! The possibilities of what you can make from some pins and a bit of string are endless!


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