10 things..


I had a lot of fun with my last post entitled ten things, so I thought I’d make another one.

10 things you only need one of, but want more of:

kitchen clocks– unless you have one of those super huge industrial massive kitchens, you really only need one. I mean, you already have the stove, microwave and in some cases the refrigerator, all with a clock on them, but a wall clock can add spice! The question is, what spice are you going to choose for your kitchen? And with all of the amazing clocks out there, sometimes choosing just one is a difficult thing to do.

bedspreads– in many cases, we only have one bed that we sleep in regularly– that means that we only need one bedspread. Sigh. There are so many beautiful bedspreads out there that it’s virtually impossible to pick just one. I mean, have you been to anthropolgie’s website? What is a color-loving girl to do? How do I pick just one soft, fluffy, beautiful piece of art to sleep under?

phone covers– currently there are about 19 different phone covers that I would love to adorn my iphone. I mean, I could go so far as to have different phone covers for different outfits or different moods. But that seems unnecessary… right?

black pumps– undoubtedly a staple to every girl’s wardrobe, black pumps are as versatile as the little black dress (previously discussed). However, if you have the right pair of pumps, you can definitely get away with just one pair. but what is the fun in that?

desk chairs– So, I sit at a desk all day every day, in the same boring black chair. Nice cushiony pleather that is peeling off with wheels and squeaky springs. There are so many options for desk chairs, it’s amazing. Nice to look at, aesthetically pleasing, or nice to sit in and ergonomically friendly. But again, one desk and one chair. The age old dilemma.

serving platters– Do you get the platter that matches your china? or do you get some awesome fancy looking platter that can serve a functional purpose and an aesthetic purpose? But in reality, how many huge main courses are you going to serve at one time? Probably just one.

accent chairs– Every good living room needs an accent chair. but every good living room does not need two accent chairs. and this is a conundrum.

bedside table lamps– not only do you only need one, but you also usually only have room for one. but which one?! the possibilities are endless. i suppose it’s generally a good idea for the lamp to match your whole room decor, but this is not a necessity. not in my opinion anyway. I say, go with what you would most love to wake up to every day.

dog collars (for your dog)- the collar that your dog wears says a lot about you. (and your dog) When I was growing up, our dog always had the same collar. As I got older, I started to realize that there are so many more options out there for your puppy. I’m pretty sure we change our dog’s collar about every month. One, because he gets them filthy and ruins them, and two, because I am a fickle creature and can’t just pick one collar for the poor dog. He gets so attached to them, and then I mix it up on him. I can never decide between functionality (a thick solid colored boring one that won’t fray, has some reflectivity, and big grommets for when he gets rambunctious) or looks (a brightly colored one that has a shiny buckle). I usually try to land somewhere in the middle.

aprons– aprons are one of my favorite things. they can be so beautiful! and there are so many different styles! but again, you can only wear one at a time. so really, you only need one. I only have one, but I could easily purchase 7 more.


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