today i love..


..journals. I have always wanted to keep a journal. Not one of those “Dear Diary” types, but one of those leather bound rough hewn tomes with ticket stubs from my wild exploits and scraps of paper tucked here and there. Pages devoted to stamps off of letters I’ve received from the foreign countries where my travels have taken me. Receipts and coasters from the most expensive restaurant in Kaula Lumpur where I dined next to the sultan of swing. Doodles upon doodles from the hours I spend people watching and sipping my mocha latte in the park under a weeping willow tree. The wrapper from a delicious and rare treat I got from a street vendor in Timbuktu. You get the idea. The problem is that my life is not that exciting.

I’ve tried innumerable times to start a journal. However, I can’t keep up with them because they’re never what I want them to be. I don’t have anything exciting to put in them. I don’t travel all over the world collecting tid bits, I don’t spend hours in the park. I don’t have creativity flowing from my body where I have no choice but to catalog it all in a journal. My journal-ing is always deliberate. Too deliberate for it to be fun.

If i were going to consistently keep a journal, I”d want to do it in something like one of these.

Now if those journals can’t inspire me, then something has got to be wrong with me! I guess I’m hesitant to make the purchase, because I’m fairly certain it will result in failure like all of my previous attempts. I just don’t have the creative fodder!

Is it silly that I’m tempted to purchase this journal that has been listed on etsy just to see the collection of creativity that one person has put together? Look at examples of some of the pages that are in this journal.

I’m green with envy over here. Why can’t I put together a collection of creativity like the one above? Where did she get the stamps, the strips of pictures, the library catalog card? How did she think to put it all together? The journal is in the shop lauraprentice. I want to do that.

I guess if I sat down to make a journal as a piece of art, I might be more successful than approaching it as a day by day catalog of creativity. If I planned out what to put on each page, what to sketch, what paraphernalia  to include, I might could make something akin to what I have pictured in my head. Until I start traveling the world, sipping mocha lattes in the park, buying candies from street vendors in Timbuktu, and eating at restaurants in Kaula Lumpur, I’m going to have to satisfy myself envying the creative journals of other people.


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