artist discovery: Tang Yau Hoong


One of my favorite things to do is stumble. It’s an awesome website where you fill out your interests and things you like to see, read, and learn about. Then you hit a button “stumble” and it takes you to websites! You can say whether you like it or not like it, and stumble again. It’s amazing, because I think I have the shortest attention span in the history of the world. I can stumble while watching t.v. or doing any number of things, and find tons of really neat stuff to check out. Anyway, this post isn’t about stumbleupon. But you should definitely try it out one day if you ever get bored. I say all that to say that I stumbled upon the artist Tang Yau Hoong. Tang Yau Hoong is an artist and graphic designer who uses simplistic designs and creative ideas that I find very inspiring. This first series is from the collection of work focused on the use of negative space. The use of negative space is something that I’ve never been able to master in my feeble attempts at creating art. See what you think.


In Flying Colours

Sky Invader

Found Anything Yet?

Feather of Life

Little Red Riding Hood


This series focuses on illusion and surrealism. From the artist’s website, “We rely on sight in our lives and yet it is so fragile that we could easily be deceived by what we see.”

Journey to the City of No Horizon

So Long, Old World

Lost in Transition

Sky Guitar


I could post almost every single picture from the artist’s website, but the last set I’m going to share pictures from is the series called Pop & Fun. This may be my favorite set yet, even though I’ve thought that about each one I’ve looked at. My favorite part of this one might be the artist’s words to describe this section, “Life is good. Let’s put a smile on the world. Everything will be alright.”

The Lake Show



Paperbird & Paperclip

Well Equipped

I’m having so much fun checking out all of this artist’s different work and creative ideas. You need to check out the website, here, and see for yourself all of the different pieces of art and imaginative ideas put on paper. It’s truly impressive.


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