outdoor beds


There is something about the image of a beautiful bed, that would normally be tucked away in a bedroom, in the middle of the great outdoors that makes me feel nostalgic and dreamy. Maybe it’s the idea of sleeping in the great outdoors (but in a bed) or the fact that the beds just look so out of place. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I love it.



Who wouldn’t love to curl up out there and watch the squirrels run about, hear the birds sing and fly from place to place, and watch the clouds float by. And at night, hear the crickets, and gaze at the stars and find all the constellations you’ve always heard about. ] I do have to admit, all of the fancy linens and pillows are slightly impractical. But that’s part of what makes these images so appealing– their impracticality.

It makes more sense to have these beds on your porch. Under the protection of the roof.


It’s official. I need one. I just have to get a bigger backyard first.


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