Searching the internet recently, I’ve seen many uses for old maps. I’ve seen them turned into art pieces, folded into origami shapes, made into buttons and magnets, and all kinds of different things. Maps haven’t ever really been one of my “things,” but I do love the way these have been repurposed to turn something utilitarian into something purely artistic. These pieces allow an outdated map to live a little bit longer.

Believe it or not, there is an artist out there that specializes in using old maps to create nature themed works of art. His name is Jason LaFerrera. He layers maps upon other maps and digitally edits a few things, to create these awesome creations.

Check out some more map art below!

So basically, I need to search through my glove box, and find all my old maps and get crafty! I think the lampshade is my favorite! What’s yours?


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