Have you guys noticed the incredible appearance of chevrons everywhere? They are all over the place! On just about every design blog I frequent, I see them. There are tutorials of how to create them, art projects using them, clothing, fabrics, everything! Here is a quick round up of some of my favorites.





Don’t get me wrong, I really like the chevrons, but I’m not sure I like them as much as everyone else. I get that they are the new “in” thing, but I’m already starting to feel like they’re being overdone. I”m not saying they’ll never make an appearance in my design decor or anything, but it will have to just right. What do you think?


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  1. Did you do this to coincide with the Missoni for Target launch today? The one that has totally crashed their website? The one which I will be shopping at MB’s rinkydink Target after work and spending money I don’t have on? Ya know, just curious. 🙂

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