slippin’ southern


This guy is awesome. I first saw this artist on the blog SweetPeach, and I immediately fell in love. I didn’t even finish reading the original blog post before I had already headed over to the etsy shop for myself to check out what was going on over there. Here’s a little bit of a bio from the etsy shop Slippin’ Southern. The artist is Gregory Morris. He moved back down south from Chicago, and into a farm house over 100 years old. He started creating wooden signs out of 0.5″ southern pine plywood. These signs are truly southern. I’ve lived in the state of South Carolina my entire life, and these signs make me feel right at home.

I need this in my kitchen!

and this by my front door!

Y’all are definitely going to have to check out this etsy shop. I want them all! If only I had unlimited wall space, I would have the best decorated house in the city! But I’m slowly running out of space! I might have to start some kind of rotational system, or move some art to the ceiling!


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