the chicken man


So I’ve been blogging for awhile now, and I seem to always focus on artists I’ve found on the internet, or different things I’ve stumbled across online. And then it hit me! What about my local artists right here in Columbia? What about the Chicken Man?! Mr. Ernest Lee! He’s well known for his chicken paintings. Hence the name! But he’s also started to get into other animals, palmetto trees, and even some portraits! I happen to have a bunch of Ernest Lee originals in my house! I have a chicken couple, a palm tree on an old window, a cat, and a flamingo. He moves all around Columbia, but I think he’s had a pretty regular station on Harden street in 5 points for a year or so.

Here’s some of his art!

This is him! Working on a cat.

One of the most fun things I’ve ever done is visit the chicken man. Bartering for original artwork on pieces of plywood on the side of the road with an ADHD salesman was so fun. The number of pieces he has is astounding. If he doesn’t happen to have the exact thing you want, he will paint it for you on the spot! Go check him out and bring home your very own piece of original, affordable, southern folk art.


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