Okay so, sometimes when we think of quilts, we think of an Amish village and the typical terrible quilt your grandma kept in a chest that reeked slightly of moth balls. However, other times quilts make us think of warm and cozy times sipping hot tea while reading a book in a nice window seat. Quilting is actually a hobby I’ve picked up recently. I actually decided to do this for multiple reasons. One was because I had never done it before, and one because I wanted to prove that quilts could be beautiful without being old fashioned and kitschy. So here we go! A bunch of beautiful quilts that aren’t your grandma’s average quilt.

amy butler quilt

puffy quilt!

These all are quilts I would love to have in my home, or love to try to duplicate in my own quilting escapades. I’m especially loving all of the different types of quilting used within this small sampling of quilts. I love the dense quilting used on some of these to create that very flat and smooth overall texture. I love the puffy one. And i love the use of straight lines to offset or accentuate the patterns used in the fabric and piecing of the quilt itself. I might have to start a new quilt after compiling all of these beautiful and inspiring examples.


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