Balloons! I love everything about them! They’re so bright, and beautiful, and fun. I love anything that comes in a wide variety of colors, as I think I’ve mentioned before, and balloons are a perfect example of this. I love how the ones without helium float down to the ground after you throw them in the air. I love the sound the helium filled balloons make when they bump into the ceiling. I love watching big bunches of balloons fly off into the sky. (even though it’s terrible for the environment). Have you ever seen Up? Beautiful! I love how they are associated with happy memories like birthdays and disney world. Okay enough talking about my love for balloons, let me show you!

Now. Don’t you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside? You have to love balloons! Just one more reason to go to Disney World and get a mickey shaped one. But then again, I’ll look for any excuse to go to Disney World!


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