I don’t really think Dale Chihuly is unknown to anyone in this day and age, but in case for some reason you’ve missed out on his amazing glass art, I’m going to enlighten you. The following is a bit of biography pieced together form his website. Chihuly was born in Tacoma, Washington, and was introduced to glass while studying interior design. He eventually went on to found the glass program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Part of his education that is critical to his style is the team approach learned at his time spent at the Venini School in Venice, Italy.

His work is featured in a variety of places. From hotels in Las Vegas to the Art Museum in Columbia, SC, you can find his beautiful pieces. He has created many different series and installations that showcase a wide variety of skills.

Here is a small sampling of some of his work.

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Seattle Art Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

Naples Museum of Art


City Center Las Vegas

Columbia Museum of Art






Persian Pergola Ceiling

The Sun, New York Botanical Gardens

Persian Chandelier, New York Botanical Gardens

How have I not made it to the Museum of Art downtown to check out that amazing piece in person? I also think I need to go to the New York Botanical Gardens. Not only because it just looks like a really neat place, but also because there are gorgeous Chihuly pieces all throughout. I find all of his work simply breathtaking. It’s so intricate and colorful. It can be anywhere from twisty and pointy to round and smooth. I’m a huge fan.


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