color love


cobalt. What a gorgeous but slightly desaturated shade of blue. This hue can be simply captivating due to its unique quality. At first I was thinking about how the sky can be a gorgeous cobalt blue, but as I continued to look through items that were cobalt, I couldn’t actually recall ever seeing the sky this color. How gorgeous would that be? Is cobalt a color that occurs in nature?  That’s why I think it’s unique. I bet some deep lagoon somewhere could be this color, and it would be gorgeous. I’m not necessarily sure if this is an “in” color or not right now, but I’m still loving it.

cobalt overload?

I could totally rock some cobalt tights. Is this a color you would incorporate in to your wardrobe? I definitely would. Anything from jewelry to tights to that Michael Kors bag would create an awesome addition to my style. How can you see cobalt fitting in to your world?


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