10 things


Usually I do a post called 10 things you want more than one of, but only need one. Toady, I’m doing a post called 10 necklaces I want. I don’t even really need one or any of them. I just want them, because they are so neat. Some of them aren’t my style at all, but I would definitely be willing to rock them and try them out. So let’s do this!

I know the elephant doesn’t really fit in, but I just love elephants! Also really loving the geometric style of necklaces that I included. I don’t have anything like them in my jewelry box, but I think they would definitely make a nice addition. Maybe on a day when I’m feeling a little edgy. Would you wear a necklace made of geometric shapes? Or are the beaded necklaces more your style? What about the bib necklaces? I’ve seen some bib necklaces that cover your entire chest! I’m not in to that, but I do like the smaller style made of rosettes. Or maybe just a small pendant like a horseshoe or elephant? What’s your perfect style of necklace?


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