Okay kids. I don’t know about where y’all live, but here in Columbia, it’s been a bit cool lately! Now, when I say cool, I mean like, 60 degrees. And without fail, this dip in temperature has got my animals feeling frisky, and me feeling giddy. Now that it’s officially October, I’ve started to think about pumpkin time! I know a lot of people that are really in to Halloween. They love dressing up and going to parties, and what not, but for some reason, that’s not really for me. What I love most about Halloween is carving pumpkins! I know we’ve all seen those images of phenomenally carved pumpkins, so I thought I’d post about something different. Different ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkin. I’m loving these simple and gorgeous ideas to create unique masterpieces to greet your trick or treaters.

Number one: The decoupage pumpkin. Discovered via the blog pocketful of dreams via craftgawker.

These are so neat! and so easy! The link above links you straight to the tutorial, but all you need to accomplish this is white spray paint, a paper napkin with a neat design, and some mod podge! Spray your pumpkin and let it dry. Cut out the design from your napkin. Put a layer of mod podge on your pumpkin, apply your napkin, and add another layer of mod podge. The tutorial suggests sprinkling some glitter here or there just to accent and spice things up, but that’s a totally optional step.
You can even decoupage some pretty fall leaves on to your pumpkin, as seen here.

Number two: Washi tape pumpkins. Discovered via the blog adelynSTONE via craftgawker.

These are pretty self-explanatory, and even simpler than the previous idea. I posted about Washi tape a while back, and have since been looking for a valid excuse to actually purchase some. Maybe this could be it? I love the idea of creating your own “plaid” pumpkin with the different tapes. The key, in my opinion, would to be ensure that you have different widths of tapes to create a more dynamic look on your pumpkin. But I’m thinking the tutorial on this one would be pretty simple. Something to the effect of, peel tape and stick on pumpkin. BAM!

Number three: doily stenciled pumpkin. Discovered via better homes and gardens.

I love this idea. Doilies are so intricate and delicate. I love the idea of translating that delicate texture to something tough and resilient like a pumpkin. This is another simple idea. Get a doily and some paint. Cut out the center of the doily so that you can position it over the stem. Better homes and gardens recommends getting some sprayable repositionable adhesive to apply to your doily so that once you position it on the pumpkin it will stick, but you can move it if you don’t like your original layout. Then you get your paint and your stencil brush, and get stenciling. I don’t think you necessarily need a stencil brush. I think a foam brush or a regular paint brush would work just as well as long as you’re careful about how you apply your paint.

Number four: puff paint pumpkins. I thought of this all on my own! But when I googled it, I found lots of examples. However, they were called “henna” pumpkins. I was thinking of more of a paisley design than a henna design, and couldn’t actually find exactly what I was picturing in my mind. I think I might have to go get a pumpkin and get creative so I can turn this image in my head in to something tangible. Maybe it’s time for a tutorial? Anyway, here are some examples of what I came across.

actually done with thumbtacks, but doable with puff paint!

Here’s another take on the puff paint pumpkin.

I like that the monochromatic color scheme makes the puff paint look like it’s part of the pumpkin, but I think it might be more interesting if the pumpkin was painted first, and then puff paint was applied in a different color, or a different shade. But that’s just my opinion.

Here are some other pumpkin ideas!

Rub on lettering

Rick rack pumpkins

Fabric embellished pumpkins

I think my favorite is the decoupage pumpkin. I think I’m going to have to try that one out this year! And I’m definitely going to give the puff paint pumpkin a whirl in a take on it all my own. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Are y’all feeling fancy this year, and want to try out some new pumpkin designs? Which is your favorite?


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  1. I love these! So much better than scary faces. I like the stencilled one best. Also the intricate puff paint ones. I thought you said you had done a pumpkin….no?

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