paint chips


I’ve always had an obsession with paint chips. Whenever I used to go to the hardware store when I was little I would always sneak some home with me. I had a whole collection of the Crayola paints because I loved the bright colors. Now that I’m older and I have my own house, I still steal paint chips. I tell myself I’m taking them for inspiration, but let’s be honest. I just love having 97 little squares all in varying colors. So lately, during my internet activities, I’ve seen several art projects that involve paint chips. I think they’re fabulous. Here’s a couple of examples of things I’ve seen.

paint swatch chandelier


wall art





lamp shade




colorful mobile


more wall art

My favorite is the wall art with triangular shapes! I love the mix of all the different colors instead of the color gradients that most of the other projects seem to use. I think I might have to go out to the Home Depot or Lowes and get me some paint chips! I think it would be really pretty in my dining room! How do y’all feel about repurposing paint chips? Good idea? or cheesy? Voice your opinion! I’m curious.



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