10 things


After having a field day on etsy, I found ten things that I love. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this collection would go under the category of “unaffordable.” Not that everything is absurdly priced or anything, it’s just more money than I have sitting around. So for now, my unaffordable etsy finds. And I’ll get together my affordable etsy finds for later. I know you’ll all be waiting with bated breath! But if you’re a big spender, wait no longer!

peacock pillow, $38

tweed jacket, $487

purple leather purse, $115

drinking straw pendant lamp, $250

iphone4 wallet, $109

dachshund platter, $295

patchwork sofa, $2800

nail decals, $48

tiny felted owl, $30

refinished chairs, $400

So I know some of those things aren’t too expensive, but they cost more than I want to spend for what they are. I can’t spend $38 on a pillow even though it’s gorgeous. I love the different colors of the peacock feathers instead of the usual blues. I love that coat, and the purple purse is perfect. I would be so stylish wearing both of those items as I walk around a big city somewhere. That sofa would be perfect in my imaginary loft apartment in said city. With the upholstered chairs around my dining room table. Oh, to dream. What’s your favorite?


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