10 things -MEN


This post is long overdue. I’ve had a couple people comment on my blog and say that it’s not exactly man-friendly. I’m about to change all of that in today’s post. There is no great theme to this collection. Just a bunch of man-friendly items.

First things first: Must Haves.

1- a blazer
I’m still on the fence about wearing a blazer with a pair of jeans. Some men pull it off nicely, but sometimes it can look a little funny. Regardless of where or how you plan to wear your blazer, it is definitely an essential. If I were going to buy a blazer, I would stay away from the typical navy blue, and lean more toward something different like corduroy or tweed. This one is moleskin.

2- jeans
For some reason, men struggle with their jeans. Good jeans should be dark wash. Not too dark, not too light. The right length. Not too long and not too short. They shouldn’t drag the ground or puddle on top of your shoes. There shouldn’t be too much of that pre-worn, already-has-holes-in-it crap.  Boot cut or straight leg, low rise without letting your underwear show.  Try them on and find what’s right for you.

3- dopp kit

How can you travel without one? Everyone needs a place to throw their junk! The number of styles of these jokers is mind-boggling. I’m partial to leather ones, and the one pictured below is kind of a rough and rustic version. Imagine the look it will take on once it becomes well worn. I love its simplicity.

4- an iphone
Whether he uses it for getting digits at the bar, or to remind him of his mom’s birthday, every man needs an iphone to simplify his life.

5- casual shoes
Every man has dress shoes, and every man has sneakers. Most men have flip flops, and some have sperry’s. But very few men have an in-between casual shoe. More dressy than flip flops or sneakers, but not as dressy as dress shoes.  From my experience, this is a difficult concept for many men. Here are a few suggestions:

these can go either way.



Should Haves:

1- a flask
Personally, I don’t agree with this one. But for some reason, this seems to be a common gift for men. People are always giving them as groomsmen’s gifts and what not. So I figured I’d include it.

2- a good pen
This isn’t necessarily a man thing. However, I love when a man goes to sign the check at a restaurant and he pulls out his own fancy pen. I don’t think it matters the brand of pen, because I don’t think anyone is going to examine the pen that closely. The pen just needs to make a statement of some sort.

3- catch all
Everyone, man or woman, needs somewhere to dump all of the junk in his or her pockets. Fortunately for women, we have purses to keep most of that junk all in one place. When a man comes home and empties his pockets, he needs a place to throw his keys, phone, and spare change. Hence, the catch all.

4- pocket knife
There’s nothing sexier than when you’re struggling opening something and your man whips out his pocket knife to help you. I’m sure there actually are sexier things, but that defeats the point of this entry. What I’m saying is that whether a man carries around a pocket knife all the time, it’s something he should have on hand. This line of pocket knives by Colonel Littleton is all hand made from bone.

 5- a good baseball hat
There is a fine line between a broken in and worn baseball hat, and a beat to crap falling apart baseball hat. Some men have trouble drawing the line, and understanding the difference. But as difficult as it is to distinguish between the two, a broken in baseball hat is something every man should have.

So there you have it. Five “must haves” and five “should haves.” For men. I hope y’all liked this! It’s a bit different from the normal things I post, but I thought I’d give it a shot in a new direction. I’d love to get some feedback from this post!

[Many thanks to my husband, and my sister for their input on this post!]


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