artist discovery: poster inspired


I’ve got yet another exciting etsy discovery to share with y’all! The name of the etsy shop is poster inspired. Basically, the shop is full of posters of movies and tv shows that take on a slightly minimalist approach. I’ve seen the minimalist movie posters that occasionally make their way around the internet, but these posters are slightly different. I wouldn’t exactly call them minimalist. They have more superfluous information than even those. However, they definitely trim down all of the extraneous images and words and fancy fonts and graphics. Enough of my pathetic explanations, I’ll just let the artwork speak for itself.

What do you guys think? Isn’t this such a neat idea? These posters show you pretty much everything you need to know about the movie, but in a way so much simpler than the movie posters from the movie companies. The Up poster is my favorite. Maybe because it’s such a cute movie, and I am highly partial to all things balloons. I also liked the Red Riding Hood one, where you can see the shadow of the wolf in the trees. Such a creative person that made these!


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