artist discovery: slodge podge


What a funny name! Slodge Podge is another shop I’ve run across during my time on etsy, that focuses on beautiful watercolor art. I’m always jealous of people who are talented with watercolors, because that is a medium I have never been able to master. It’s too runny and messy and watery, and I’ve never been able to get it right. I think i don’t like it because it has a mind of its own, and it doesn’t cooperate with me. However, for those that know what they’re doing, the end results are absolutely gorgeous.

Slodge Podge is owned by artist, mother, and teacher Louise. She has been painting forever, and has been teaching others the skills for thirteen years. In her shop profile Louise talks about her love of creating a three dimensional drawing in a two dimensional space by focusing on the shadows the natural light creates on an object. She also discusses her love for animals (evident in her artwork), and her muted color palette. I think that was one of the things that drew me to her artwork originally. She only uses two or three colors in each painting to reduce the complexity of the work, and simultaneously produce a sense of harmony. [via Louise De Masi’s Profile]

While Louise has many beautiful acrylic paintings in her shop, I’m going to share with you some of her watercolor paintings.

Love that lorikeet! Reminds me of those silly birds at the zoo that will come drink the nectar our of your hand. I love the way these watercolor paintings have such sharp lines as outlines for the animals, but the inside of each animal is full of such fluidity. Look at the seahorse and all the different colors and shades and shapes and movement within the animal itself. Gorgeous. Such talent! I want to be able to paint something, anything with watercolors. I should practice!


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