hoop art


So when I was little, one of my favorite things to do was cross stitch. I think that’s actually where my love for all things arts and crafty stemmed from. I wasn’t very good at it, and I rarely completed a project that I started, but I loved the idea of turning a blank white piece of fabric into something really pretty with just a bunch of little x’s. One of the things I’ve been seeing all over the internet lately is “art” within embroidery hoops. For those unfamiliar, these hoops are the same wooden or plastic circles that you use to cross stitch with. They stretch your fabric tight while you’re stitching, and are later removed. The art showcased within these hoops is sometimes so simple, and so beautiful. The embroidery art still uses the concept of a bunch of small x’s, stitches, or knots to make a bigger piece of art, but in a way that deviates from the norm. If I had undertaken a project like any of the ones below, I might have actually finished something!

done with a punch needle

what? jewelry!!

french knots! the same stitch used to make eyes and small details when cross stitching. CORRECTION: these are buillon stitches (thanks mom!)

harry potter, anyone?

I love that last one. Hand embroidered! Look at the texture of the roots and stems of the flowers, and in the flowers themselves. The description of this piece says it took over 7 hours to hand sew with no guide or pattern. This is definitely not one of the more simplistic designs! What an amazing piece of work!
These pieces of art are being described as wall décor. In my opinion, they would be the perfect little something to spice up a dark nook or cranny in your home. Maybe one that isn’t large enough to be filled with a painting or photograph, these little hoops that range from 3” to 8.5”, and would be the perfect thing. A grouping of two or three 4” hoops would look great on that awkward wall that juts out in your entryway. (We all have one.) I love the idea of using an embroidery hoop, something typically just used in the creation of art, as part of the final product. Way to be innovative, crafters!


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