an imperfect world


Sometimes there is beauty in perfection. Beauty in straight lines,  perfect color transitions, exceptional lighting, and amazing proportions. However, there are times when the beauty is in the flaws. In messy hair, shaky lines, accidental drips of paint, crooked posts, or worn leather.

imagine the story behind these shoes.

We are all perfectly imperfect, and it is important to always remember that. And also remember that there is beauty in all of these imperfections. My two front teeth are not perfectly straight, and this imperfection gives my smile character and makes me unique. Stay messy, and stay you.


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  1. Awww–good insights. I like how you can see more than I can. I like seeing another point of view, especially from someone creative llike you are. Thank you!

  2. The Japanese enshrine this ethos in their art and their approach to life. They call it Wabi Sabi. It’s kind of hard to define, but I think you’ve illustrated it pretty well!

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