Okay so! Yesterday my order from down east basics came. I told y’all I would give you an update on the quality / fit of the clothes. And I must say, I was completely satisfied. I ordered a dress, a cardigan, and a skirt. They all appeared to be well made and exactly as pictured on the website. The dress and the skirt were both fully lined. The sweater was a bit lighter weight than I expected, but that’s actually perfect for the mild winters we have down south, and the layers that I love to wear. The only thing that didn’t work out was the skirt. But I think that is more or less due to my body type. I could’ve made it work, but it was just a bit long, because I’m short. So overall, I was totally pleased with my purchase. Not to mention, they were incredibly quick! I ordered last Thursday, and everything was delivered to my mailbox on Tuesday. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this company.

I also wanted to take a moment to discuss essie nail polish. I have a lot of trouble with nail polish. Apparently, I’m very rough on my hands, and the polish chips and flakes within days of putting it on. I also struggle with it turning gunky while I’m sleeping the night after I put it on. However, this hasn’t been a major problem for me since I bought essie’s quick drying top coat, good to go. I also have trouble spending damn near $8 on a bottle of nail polish regardless of the pretty color. So I bought one of essie’s new Fall colors, cocktail bling, and painted my nails Sunday night.

As soon as I started applying it, I knew I was going to be an essie fan. It goes on very opaque, so you don’t have to put 8 coats on to get the color in the bottle. This color actually has a little hint of lavender with it that I wasn’t expecting, but I still love. And it’s been three days, and I don’t have a single chip, dent, flake, or anything! I was going to wait to tell y’all my opinion on essie until after I took it off (because for me, that’s a big test), but I haven’t had to take it off yet! I hate when a nail polish takes 6 years to remove. It makes me not even want to paint my nails with that color to begin with. Maybe that makes me lazy, but that’s just me. That’s my mine complaint with Sally Hansen’s all in one salon whatever whatever. I love that it has a wide brush, but it takes too long to remove! And since I’ve been practicing painting my nails more, I’m better with the skinny brushes other nail polishes have, so I’m not limited in my choices. So all in all, I think I’m going to be a big fan of essie. And maybe that,  my friends, is why it’s $8 a bottle. Here are some of my favorite colors they have to offer:

bobbing for baubles

e-nuf is e-nuf

thigh high

turquoise & caicos

naked truth

So there you go guys! My latest recommendations and reviews. Hope these thoughts and ideas were somewhat helpful to all of you!


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  1. I love Essie nail polish! My favorite color is Alligator Purse… it’s a orange-red brick color. I’m also a big fan of the good to go topcoat, it’s the only thing that keeps the polish on my nails. I guess I’m rough on my hands too.

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