Matthew Cusick


Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun playing my game of artist discovery. And I’ve got another one to share with all of you. Matthew Cusick. In a much earlier post I talked about the use of maps in art work. I featured the work of  Jason LaFerrera. The artwork of these two artists is very similar. However, Matthew Cusick’s artwork appears to be slightly more fantastical due to his use of acrylic paint in addition to the maps. Where Jason Laferrera uses maps to create animals, Matthew Cusick uses them to create whole scenes, and even portraits. Both artists are incredibly talented, and skilled at recycling one thing into another. Check out Matthew’s work below!

I love that you can read Pacific Ocean in the waves themselves.

I really love this artwork. I think it would be so cool to see one of these in person. The last one is actually 68″ x 48″. I bet that you could actually read some of the words on the maps! You could see the cities and the towns and the land features and everything. It is fascinating to me that Matthew Cusick takes different parts of different maps, pieces them together, and with different color gradation and shapes manipulated by him, creates a piece of art. Basically, I think it’s pure creative genius.


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  1. I love the last one of the trio of women. These are marvelous. I’m very fond of constructions and collage because it’s not something I can do well at all. I’ll have to check out your other artist picks.

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