sequin graffiti


This happens to be the third type of graffiti I’m featuring on my blog, and this one is just as neat as all of the rest of them. Sequin graffiti. To date, I can only find one major source of this art, and it is in Denmark by an artist named Therese Himmer. I can’t even seem to find her website! Basically she creates huge installation pieces by applying sequins in mass scale to the sides of buildings or the edges of roofs. The pieces themselves will oscillate when the wind blows creating movement that adds an entirely different dimension to the installation. Check this out.

Unfortunately, these seem to be all of the examples of her work that I can find. But regardless, you get the idea of how amazing it would be to stumble across one of these as you were walking down the street. And imagine how the piece will change as the weather changes. Though these installations can’t actually be considered a reflection of natural surroundings, they do reflect the natural surroundings. I bet if the sun shines just right, these pieces could potentially blind a poor passer-by. But regardless, they’re beautiful. I hope this movement spreads so I can find more examples to share with all of you!


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