paper sculptures


Another art project I’ve recently come across are these awesome paper sculptures by artist Peter Callesen. Peter uses a single sheet of paper, a knife, and some very intricate folding to create awesome three dimensional sculptures.

Okay seriously. I could repost every single item from his website, but you’re just going to have to go check it out for yourself. I think my favorite part of these sculptures is the cut out shapes left on the paper. They say almost as much as the sculptures themselves. I think my absolute favorite is the sculpture of the pagoda that has an entire skyline as its relief form. This is such an original concept. It has to be such a tedious and time consuming process to create one of these sculptures. But I’m more than glad that Peter takes the time to create these so that we can all experience this beauty.

Okay everyone. I’ve decided to giveaway that yarn ball wreath I made. I showed it in a previous post. I’m going to have a drawing to choose the winner. The only thing you have to do to enter is to “like” my facebook page here! If you’ve already liked the page, just leave a comment on the wall so I can be sure to include you in the drawing. I think this is a fair way to include everyone that wants to be included, and a fair way to select the winner. The deadline to enter is next Wednesday, November 23rd. Feel free to tell your friends about this giveaway, too! The more the merrier! I’m hoping for a lot of participation, so get to liking!

Whoa. Totally just realized that this contest only applies to people that have facebook. How lame of me! If you don’t have facebook, just leave a comment that says you want to be entered, and I’ll make sure to include you. Sorry for that oversight!


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  1. Can you explain how he does this? Does he make the little buildings by folding paper? And does he use the shape he cut out, like the water? I don’t see how it is possible!! But I love it!

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