In honor of my 100th post, I decided to make a post that was 100% me.  I found this print on etsy.

Now. If you know me, you know this is something that I say all the time. Whether someone has a big test coming up, or is simple going out to lunch, I always send them away with the words, “do good!” So I’m taking this opportunity to “do good,” and put together some items in this color scheme that are completely my style, and my taste.

We’ve got a bittersweet red, indigo, bronze, and a blush pink. So let’s hit it!

Ah! That was fun! I love doing these posts that take a picture and put together a bunch of pieces within the color palette. I originally got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, creature comforts,  however I must admit that what she puts together is much more cohesive than anything I could even fathom putting together! But that’s neither here nor there. Happy 100 posts to me!!


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    • Thanks everyone! I really liked Judy Attitudey with the scarf, too! That’s the main reason I chose that picture. It was just coincidence the scarf was indigo!

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