Francoise Nielly


Today’s artist discovery is Francoise Nielly.  Francoise is a French artist that paints huge bright portraits. When you see these things, you’re going to immediately know why I decided to post them here. I just can’t resist bright colorful things. Anyway, she uses oil paint and a palette knife to create these paintings. According to another blog that featured this artist, The Cool Hunter, Francoise paints these portraits from black and white photos. Wow. The ability to see these bright colors, lights and shadows, shading and gradation all from a black and white portrait is amazing.








Okay seriously. Her website has TONS of work on there. You’re going to have to go flip through them yourself to fully see the extent of her talent. Except that when I just went to publish this post, none of the images came up, and I can’t get to her website. Maybe you can do a google search to check out some of her work. Can you imagine looking at a black and white photo, throwing some paint on a canvas, moving it around with a palette knife and coming up with one of those portraits? There is so much talent out there! I love it!

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  1. It was indeed an extravagant masterpiece! I’m not into painting but every time I saw this kind of outcomes . It enlightens my mind that there are some things more important beyond the painting itself. It has to do with how you visualize it and interprets it as well..:)

  2. Those are great! I’m all about bright colors too, but I don’t know if I’ve posted enough of my own work to make that obvious yet… Hmm, I haven’t bought any *fluorescent* paints yet though…

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