carmelo blandino


Today’s artist discovery is Carmelo Blandino. This is actually a unique discovery due to the fact that Carmelo approached me! He shared some information about himself and his work, and asked me if I would be interested in featuring him! So I headed over to his website to check things out, and found out right away that I couldn’t say no, nor did I want to! According to the biography on his website, Carmelo was born in Germany and grew up in Montreal, Quebec. He studied art and design at his local colleges and began a career as an illustrator. He later shifted his focus to fine art, specifically painting. When he e-mailed me, he mentioned his medium was oil paints and spray paints used in a large scale. Carmelo’s primary focus as of late has been florals. To quote his e-mail to me, “My flowers are about life movement, happiness, and the energy that propels us forward. I like to think they inspire others to move within their lives, and shine on with their inherent beauty.” I can tell from the way Carmelo discusses his art, and from the paintings themselves, that he is passionate about his work, which is invaluable. So enough talk, check it out!

I was especially fond of his landscape paintings.

AND! He even has portraiture work! (which I found on his blog)

I am super impressed by Carmelo’s work! I love his landscapes the best. I can almost feel the movement within them. I’m also very impressed by his use of color. He’s definitely not afraid to use color, and I love that. From checking out his website and his blog, I get the idea that Carmelo is an incredibly talented and versatile artist. Carmelo mentioned in his e-mail to me that he was inspired by nature consciousness and also his meditation routine. I’m not in to meditation, but I thought I’d put it out there for any of you artists who may potentially be having a creative block. Anyway, go check out Carmelo’s website to see the rest of his work!  And don’t be afraid to e-mail me, and ask to be featured! You could be next!


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