Just wanted to show you guys the finished product of my little festive trees!

I was a little confused about how to finish the tops of them, because I didn’t really like the felt suggested on the original post. I brainstormed a couple of ideas earlier today, with help (thanks Casey!), but after doing my daily blog reading, I saw an idea I thought might work. Over on Ucreate, there was a link to creating little trees by stacking folded scrapbook paper. So I thought I’d try them as a top to my trees, and they turned out pretty neat, I think! To create the little petals, I used pinking shears, and then just cut in a general petal shape. At first I was using a template, but then I just gave up on that, and cut some shapes that were similar. Anyway, just wanted to show y’all what I’ve been up to! Feel free to share with me what you have been working on! I’ll definitely be needing some suggestions since I’ve finished all three of my projects.


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