stina persson


I’ve got another new artist to share with all of you lovely folks. Stina Persson. Stina is mostly a watercolor artist, but her watercolors are anything but normal. She uses bright saturated hues that make me swoon. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, she has corporate clients including Coca Cola. Wow! Coca Cola is my favorite ever. It is my elixir of life. But I digress. Check out these paintings.

Can I please just tell you how much I love watercolor paintings? I love when the artists intentionally leave drips, or create the drips. They add another dimension to the paintings. The drips add an extra sense of movement on top of the already fluid appearance that the watercolors themselves create. They can even add a level emotion to the paintings when the drips appear as tears. Sometimes it appears the image depicted is melting, like all of the energy has been drained from it. I love this. Such an awesome medium.


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  1. I’m beginning to think you’re finding awesome watercolor painters just to make me envious! Joking aside, Stina Persson does such incredible pieces. Great post, thanks for introducing me to her work!

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