skateboard sculptures


What a weird title right? When I first read the title skateboard sculptures over on the website Toxel, I expected to see intricately stacked and balanced skateboards overlapping and layered to create sculptures of animals or buildings or something. What I saw when I clicked on the link was completely unexpected. The Japanese artist Haroshi uses the decks of old skateboards to create awesome 3D sculptures. In order for these sculptures to be created, he must stack layers and layers of these skateboards to get a rough shape before it is trimmed down, shaved, cut and whatever else to get it into the shape he is trying to create. The fact that there are so many different styles, shapes, colors, and types of skateboards creates for an awesome effect on the finished product. Check this out.

I love the rainbowed wood look. It’s always been one of my favorite things. I have a wooden scoop that sits on my dining room table that is made entirely of rainbow wood. I’ve always loved the intricacy required to stack layers and layers of wood together before you get the finished effect. And Haroshi has taken this to an entirely new scale. I love the art that he creates. This is another brilliant example of artists taken products often overlooked and turning them in to art. Amazing!

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