Sayaka Kajita Ganz


Okay kids. When I first came upon this artist’s work over on, I thought how reminiscent it was of  Yong Ho Ji’s tire sculptures. Then I realized what I was looking at!

These sculptures are made entirely out of found objects! I see a trowel, a pasta strainer, a spatula, and all kinds of other things! Sayaka exclusively uses items that have been used and later discarded. With a strong influence of Japanese Shintoism which believes that all objects have a spirit, Sayaka chooses to extend the lives and spirits of all of these items by repurposing them into fascinating sculptures. The sculptures created also show us that though the world may be chaotic at times, everything can fit together peacefully and beautifully. (

What a beautiful statement. Enjoy!



Do you guys ever wonder if something you threw away has ended up in one of these sculptures? I mean, I throw away stuff all the time! My junk could be in one of those penguins! I know, that’s not really feasible, but it is someone’s trash. But whose?

Anyway, I know I’ve had a theme going lately with artists recycling junk or trash or discarded items to make beautiful things, but I just love the idea of it! I think it’s incredible that they are capable of this. Unfortunately, it makes me think twice about what I keep and what I throw away. If I start keeping everything I think that may have potential, I’m bound to become a hoarder. That would not be good. So for now, I will admire from a distance the amazing art created by these incredible artists.

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  1. Wow, those are amazing! “Yong Ho Ji” is the first thing I thought too. These are really impressive!

    So lets see, this puts me only 10 days behind as I continue slowly catching up with your blog! 🙂

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