yangyang pan


Another featured artist! I found this one etsy, all by myself! So today’s artist is Yangyang Pan. Yangyang is an artist currently residing in Canada that dabbles in a variety of mediums, but whose etsy shop is primarily focused on oil paintings. Self described as abstract paintings in mixed media, Yangyang’s paintings focus on the curious world around us. They’re also especially colorful and bright. The heavy texture seen in many of the paintings is created with the use of a palette knife.

I love how the above painting consists of a bunch of almost squares. It’s almost like a checkered quilt, or something, but much more random and abstract. The clusters of “squares” add much more interest than if the squares were equally sized or evenly distributed.

This one is called yellow beach. I can totally see the beach, as well as the waves hitting the shore. The drips remind me of how a sandcastle looks after the waves run over it and it’s ultimately demolished. You can see trails of your masterpieces heading back to the water.

I could seriously post everything from the etsy shop over here, but you should go check it out for yourself! I would love to see one of these paintings in person. It would be impossible to resist the temptation to run my fingers across it and feel the texture of the paint on the canvas. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really understand abstract paintings, but I feel like Yangyang Pan’s abstract paintings are very accessible. Though they aren’t exactly what the title conveys, I can still see the general idea of what the artist is trying to achieve, and that makes me enjoy these bright and beautiful creations so much more. Be sure to head over to etsy to check out the rest of Yangyang’s artwork!

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  1. Pretty cool stuff! I like the one with a lot of violet, that you posted just above Yellow Beach. This also makes me think maybe I should try a painting of “almost squares”, even if only as an exercise in trying to paint more loosely and freely. I have a strong tendency to get very careful and go for very crisp, neat lines. It’s time consuming. 🙂

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