chromatic typewriter


This is one of the coolest things I’ve come across recently. Artist Tyree Callahan has changed a typewriter in to an art creating machine. By taking the letters off the ends of the typebars of a 1937 Underwood Standard and adding little sponge like paint holders, Callahan has made a piece of machinery that creates an awesome painting by simply typing.

a work in progress

Check out some of the awesome pieces that have been created using this creative invention.

I love the lack of harsh lines within these paintings. The soft focus and blur of all the colors together gives the paintings a very ethereal effect. I wonder what it would look like to actually type real sentences. What would it look like if you were to type out the preamble to the Constitution or the Pledge of Allegiance or something? Just wondering. Anyway, I really enjoy these paintings, and I enjoy them even more knowing how they were created! What a creative mind.


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