today i love


Today I’m loving:


this kitty print shirt I bought at Old Navy!

this fun Kate Spade purse

this entire look

this dining room

this polar bear

this rubber vase overlay that you can put over anything and instantly turn it into a pretty vase

everything letterpress

And that’s my love for the day. I hope you guys enjoy seeing a little insight into my daily whims and desires. I think it’s fun to share with all of you. And it’s fun for me to go back and look what I put up a couple months ago and see how much my tastes have changed, or how much I still really want the same exact things. What are you loving today?

(Sorry for the lazy post, Philip.)


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  1. I love all those things, too. That pretty lady is pretty, and her make-up is perfect. That’s why you like that look. And those tables–don’t know if I could ever have the imagination and flair to think of anything like it. I like that green and blue striped purse, too….hmmmmm

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