portable cities


Yin Xiuzhen is a Chinese artist that makes use of old and recycled fabrics and textiles to create awesome works of art. One of her most famous series that I’m going to share with all of you is her suitcase series. It’s actually called the “Portable City” series. These works of art are so awesome. I’m not sure whether to describe that as sculptures, or installation pieces, or what. I just know I like them. Basically, in these series, Yin uses her cloth construction techniques to recreate cities inside of a suitcase. Check these out.


jia yu guan


yang chang


san francisco

beijing — does beijing have a hole in the middle of it that I am unaware of?




new york city

I love the “ghost” world trade centers. So creative. I forgot to mention earlier that all of the textiles used in these suitcases are made from the residents that live in these cities. From what I read over on electrica.co.uk, these portable cities showcase the transient nature of citizens living in urban environments. Yin is quoted as saying,

“…people in our contemporary setting have moved from residing in a static environment to becoming souls in a constantly shifting transience.”

And that is the basis behind this entire series. And I love it.


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