bronx zoo


Inside the Bronx Zoo, crafty LEGO builders have built some real treats for zoo-goers — LEGO animals in the midst of the real scenery and habitats of the zoo itself! I’ve always loved LEGOs, and to me, this is awesome. When I went to NYC, and FAO Schwarz, the huge LEGO sculptures were my favorite part. This installation of LEGO animals makes me want to go to the Bronx to specifically spot these guys throughout the zoo. Check it out!

The inhabitants of the zoo include:

a six foot tall giraffe

a flock of flamingos

a tiger ready to pounce

a mama gorilla with her baby

a full scale aquarium replica

complete with an octopus

and these frog guys

A lot of the animals highlighted by the LEGO builders were chosen by the Wildlife Conservation Society to help bring awareness to the danger the species are in and to show the showcase the society’s efforts of preservation. I love this idea, but I hate that it isn’t a permanent addition to the zoo. I would love to walk through Riverbanks Zoo and see all kinds of lego animals hiding in the grass or peering out of the water. What if there was an alligator sticking out of the water surrounding the monkey island? Too much fun!


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